Police Investigate Complaint of Alleged Sacrifice of a Child Inside Mine in Bolivia

The accused of the kidnapping of the minor are apparently miners from the town of Cosnipata, who allegedly took him to the Santa Barbara mine, where they would have buried him alive as an offering to improve his productivity.

The Bolivian police investigate a scabrous denunciation of the supposed kidnapping of an 8-year-old boy that is feared to have been sacrificed by some miners, in a ritual in a gold deposit of a rural community of the northern department of La Paz. The child disappeared last September in the town square of Pusillani, in the province of Muñecas, his parents, Sonia Aliaga and Nolberto Condori, told the media in La Paz today.

“They say they have put him in a car crying to my son and they have taken him to the mine they have sacrificed him alive, this is confirmed by the community members now,” Aliaga denounced.

The police have “some reference data that indicate that the child was offered in a ritual in a mine,” the head of the traffic and trafficking division of the Special Anti-Crime Force of La Paz told ATB television. , Gabriela Coca.

“Under these circumstances, the General Command of the Bolivian Police is coordinating all efforts to find the location and verify these extremes and confirm that the child is safe and sound,” Coca said.

The agents coordinate with the Office of the Prosecutor to summon local leaders who can give information about the event and will also go to those places to verify the preliminary information that is available.

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