Four Bank Robbers Arrested in Madrid who used Explosive Material to Burst ATMs

The National Police has arrested four members of a criminal group specializing in a bank robbery in Madrid. Those arrested committed their acts by placing explosive material in ATMs, endangering the lives of people who might be in the vicinity and obtaining significant amounts of cash. In some cases, they were around 20,000 euros of loot per robbery.

The police initiated investigations after detecting an increase in these crimes in the capital. During the course of the investigations, a burglary using explosives took place last August at an ATM in Madrid. At least four people took part and fled aboard a high-end stolen vehicle. The car was located by the National Police a few days later and subjected to surveillance.

During the early morning of the day following its location, it was set in motion by a group of individuals who arrived aboard another high-end car, also stolen. Both vehicles were used that morning in a robbery with force in an establishment of Getafe. There, a cash box was stolen.

Both cars were located when their users intended to drop them off on an avenue in the Campamento neighborhood. By leaving the area in two cars, the agents managed to intercept one of them, occupied by two individuals. The other companions managed to escape in the other car.

The agents stopped the two individuals and intercepted the two stolen vehicles, as well as the car in which they were driving, inside which was found a guitar case in which they kept tools and a frequency inhibitor. The police investigation then focused on the surroundings of the two detainees. The study of the images allowed, a few months later, the identification of a man, who was subjected to continuous surveillance until his participation in criminal activities could be confirmed. The rest of those involved were then identified.

At the end of October, there was another robbery, in which two ATMs were blown up together. The action was frustrated by the speed of the police, but the perpetrators managed to escape aboard a high-end vehicle. Despite being frustrated, they did not cease their criminal intent and new movements were detected to carry out more robberies. With this information, a police device was developed to control several branches and monitor the homes of those under investigation.

At the beginning of November, the police received a report of a new burglary at an ATM in a branch in Madrid. The perpetrators had left several banknotes scattered on the floor, some of them with traces of blood. These remains were also found inside the branch, which showed that one of the authors had been cut. 18,000, it was found that the physical features of one of them were similar to those of the main suspect.

The police determined the surveillance of the homes of those under investigation. At first, one of them arrived and was guarded with the intention of executing his arrest a few minutes later. A few minutes later, the arrival of the main suspect at his home in Yepes (Toledo) was observed.

After it was established that his clothes matched those of one of the perpetrators of the robbery, he was arrested after a race in which he tried to escape. He was carrying 6,950 euros and was suffering a deep cut in one of his hands, through which he was bleeding abundantly.

After this arrest, the arrest of the first individual found was resumed, who also attempted to flee his home. In his escape, almost naked, he tried to take the money from the robbery, but it fell on him and was scattered inside the backyard of his house.

After the arrests, the police requested authorization to enter and search the homes of Yepes and Madrid, as well as the home of a third party investigated for the robbery that morning, also located in the capital. Such searches were authorized, although no one was arrested in the latter home.

During the searches, one of the houses was able to recover part of the money stolen that morning and another large amount in cash. There was also the discovery of about 1,000 coins of two euros apparently false and 150 marijuana plants.

Due to this last finding, the extension of the object of the investigation was requested, which was accepted by the Court of Instruction. In another domicile, a finding of pyrotechnic elements took place, as well as elements of welding for its confection. The investigation is still open.

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