Skyscraper Lift Plunges 84 Floors with Six People Inside in Chicago

Six people who were trapped inside an elevator survived an 84-story fall in the city of Chicago, in the United States, according to US media. Those affected were on the 95th floor of a skyscraper when the elevator collapsed to the 11th floor in a matter of seconds. The elevator was left hanging and the survivors were able to call the emergency teams.

The event occurred last Friday at midnight. Three couples of strangers took the elevator after leaving a luxurious restaurant in a skyscraper in the city when they noticed something unusual. Once inside, they perceived that the speed with which the machine came down was abnormal. Suddenly, a slowdown brought them back to reality.

The elevator had gone down 84 floors in a matter of seconds. From the restaurant located on the 95th floor of the skyscraper to level 11 of the construction. The skyscraper, renamed 875 North Michigan Avenue this year, is the fourth tallest in the city of winds.

According to the version of the survivors, after the fall, the elevator was left hanging on the 11th floor. There, the three couples sent text messages to their friends, who in turn alerted the emergency services.

“At first, we thought we were going to die,” said Mexican Jaime Montemayor, who had visited the city with his wife. Montemayor described what lived inside the cubicle: “We were going down and I felt we were falling and then I heard a clack clack clack noise “, picked up a local newspaper. A law student at Northwestern University described the Chicago Tribune feeling like turbulence on an airplane.

It is believed that at least one of the cables in the cabin broke. However, the causes of the incident and why the elevator did not touch the ground are still being investigated. The building had passed an inspection in July, local media reported. Rescuers took three hours to free the group, which was heading to the lobby of the building.

The firemen had to open a hole in the wall to save them. “We could not do an elevator lift rescue, we had to make a hole in the wall of the 11th floor of the garage to open the elevator doors,” Chicago Fire Department chief Patrick Maloney said on American television.

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