Murdered Woman In Foothills Apartment Complex

A woman was murdered in an apartment complex in Foothills near Tramway and Montgomery NE on Wednesday morning.

According to the official spokesperson of the Albuquerque Police Department, Simon Drobik, around 8:30 in the morning, the authorities were contacted from the Alta Vista apartments in the 4200 block of Spanish Bit Street, reporting a woman without life.

Drobik also said that the forensic authorities described the crime as a violent act, after analyzing the body of the victim although he does not know the way in which the woman was murdered.

So far a person has been questioned, although it is not known exactly the relationship of this with the victim and until Wednesday afternoon had not made any arrest.

According to a neighbor, he heard shouts in an apartment just south of his home around 10 and 30 the night before, while watching television.

When the neighbor left to investigate what was happening and to offer help, nobody answered and the next day another neighbor informed him that a young woman had been murdered. The time of the murder is unknown and the investigation is still ongoing.

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