At least 12 people killed in Thousand Oaks Shooting

Twelve dead, many of them university students, is the balance of the last massacre in the United States. It was yesterday at 11 and 20 of the night, 5 and 20 of... Read more »

FDA Limits the Sale of Flavoured E-cigarettes

The agency of the medicine in the United States (FDA, in its acronym in English) is willing to apply new restrictions on the sale of electronic cigarettes with flavors, to reduce their... Read more »

New Mexico Man Was Training Kids to Commit School Shootings

It was a kind of camp, just a shack surrounded by tires in the middle of the moor near a tiny town called Amalia, in northern New Mexico. I had no water... Read more »

Trump Seeks Mexico to Pay The Wall Through the FTA

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, tries to calm the tension of the last hours on the revision of the largest free trade agreement in the world: the one that... Read more »

United Airlines Accused Mexican Passenger Of Trafficking His Own Daughter

That was enough for the woman who was sitting next to him to denounce him and the immigration authorities of the United States stopped him and interrogated him. That happened to a... Read more »