Drug Regulator Will Test J&J Baby Powder Samples Over Using Cancerous Asbestos

Drug regulator will test J&J baby powder samples over using cancerous asbestos on Wednesday after a report claimed that the company, which is well known from few decades use the substance in the... Read more »

Apple Still Violates Chinese Court Orders Against Selling iPhone, Qualcomm Says

Apple still violates Chinese court orders against selling iPhones, Qualcomm says. Qualcomm on December 10 said it had won a fundamental court order in China restricting Apple from moving some more seasoned iPhone... Read more »

German Prosecutors Investigate Volkswagen Over Selling 6,700 Pre-Production Vehicles Globally

German prosecutors investigate Volkswagen over selling 6,700 pre-production vehicles globally, the cars that should never have been sold to the public and should have been utilized just to test purposes. Volkswagen has just... Read more »

Mid 1932 Oil Painting Sold for 33 Million Dollars

The Spanish genius Pablo Picasso was the attraction of the second evening of spring art workshops in New York on Wednesday, with a fabric sold in more than 31 million dollars at... Read more »

Omega 3 Fatty Acid Can Be Helpful During Surgery

Omega-3s found in fish oil reduce the risk of bleeding during surgery. It is currently recognized that fish oil should be stopped before surgery. The researchers have given this information. Fish oil... Read more »