Resources to Help and Assist victims of forced displacement

In his speech at the public hearing cited by the Constitutional Court to assess the situation of forced displacement in the country, the Deputy Comptroller General, Ricardo Rodriguez, said that the budgets that... Read more »

Research Help Scientist to find more about Cats Tongue

Domestic cats sleep an average of 14 hours a day, but when they are awake they spend up to a quarter of their time licking each other to eliminate fleas , debris... Read more »

Four Bank Robbers Arrested in Madrid who used Explosive Material to Burst ATMs

The National Police has arrested four members of a criminal group specializing in a bank robbery in Madrid. Those arrested committed their acts by placing explosive material in ATMs, endangering the lives... Read more »

First Robot Waiter in Nepal Restaurant

There are currently three Ginger robots working in the Naulo restaurant in Kathmandu, whose streets and buildings still bear the scars of the powerful quake three years ago. “Enjoy your meal,” says... Read more »

Six People Killed in Marseille Building Collapse

The body of a sixth victim was discovered Wednesday morning in the rubble of several buildings that collapsed on Monday in the center of Marseille in southern France, said the city’s prosecutor,... Read more »